The Phantom of the Conference Call

Shhhh! Try not to make a sound. I can feel His cold clammy presence here, and I wish you kept down the racket while I examine His presence. Quiet now!

He looks like your dad, this thing. He even talks like your dad, and walks like him too. But there’s no doubt that it’s Him. Just look at the telltale signs – the blue glow arund the ear, the one way dialog, the furtive glances, the way He moves to avoid being with other people around the house. Yes, the Phantom of the Conference Call is here amongst us, and he’s busy right now.

So, baby, why don’t you let Him be alone while he confers with other phantoms? Look into His eyes if you doubt me – you’ll see that the lights are out, because the Phantom is in. Calls are in session, and dad’s body has been taken over by this strange ghost who talks.

Now put down that noisy toy and back away slowly.

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