Write, Write, Write

Earlier this year, I was at my parents' home in Delhi, and came across a paper that said, simply,

"A Busy Man Has Time For Everything".

I took this as a sign from above. Sometime earlier on this blog, I had already come to a realization that writing is my thing. It's what I am good at, and it's the muscle that gets least exercise in a corporate job. So, in order to flex them writing muscles, I took on an oath to write everyday.

Writing is like gym, best done with a partner. Building a capacity to write requires ceaseless discipline. It is said that if you want to stick to a routine, find a friend. In my case, I found two friends to write with, and have calls in to others. Collaborating makes writing easy work- there is that much creative tension, and that much more flow of ideas. The jugalbandi that you can do in a collaboration creates a lot of energy.

Alternate different formats to ensure that the "writing muscles" don't get bored. So, now I tweet (@Alpharust), I have written fiction earlier on this post, have written on philosophy, am co-writing a business book , co-started a light-hearted business blog,, and have made commitments at work about contributing to a couple of work-related-compilations. Then there's the other longer term non-fiction books I intend to work on once I am done with these commitments. ( I figure that Robin Sharma can't be the only bald Indian dood writing inspirational books).

Feedback is important. Over time, of course, I hope to become good at writing. Even as I write, I can sense a better ability to conceptualize new ideas and write about them. Book publishing would give me a better sense of how that racket works too. All this, however, depends on the feedback from you, the reader.

So write back, please!


Basab Pradhan said...

A noble endeavour, indeed! You'll have to give something up, of course, to find the time to write regularly. Nothing is for free, even if it is noble. Will it be reading or family time or...as is likely to happen, sleep.

Good luck!

Noor said...

Couldn't agree more, the only way to write better is to keep writing! Now, if only I would that advice myself!
Nice post, struck a chord.